Self Portrait

Self Portrait

Photography by Starbit Photography

Self Portrait

Flemeth was my most worn costume in 2016 - probably because it took me so long to actually finish her! As uncomfortable and tiring she is to wear to a convention, I feel so badass when I'm stomping around in the 7 inch heels and spikey armour (Even if the makeup makes me look like my mother!)

All of Flemeth's armour was make with standard worbla wrapped around 3mm foam. I scored the foam on different sides to get it to fold the way I wanted to. The armour was primed with wood glue, sprayed with grey primer, then silver car paint, then coated in clear wood varnish, and then finally weathered with black and brown acrylic paints. Phew.

The horns were made using fosshape which I coated in wefts to match the wig. I then sewed these to the base wig. Little plastic buckles were attached inside the wig to clip the crown on to my head.

The bodice and neckpiece were patterned on my dress form using the ol' trusty clingfilm and masking tape method. I then made them out of red upholstery vinyl, and top stitched all the seams so they were nice and flat. Both fasten with separating zips in the back. I then painstakingly used an awl to poke holes in the leather, and used single ended rapid rivets all over. I used a mixture of 9mm, 6mm and 3mm rivets, carefully paying attention to the texture files my friend Ardent Cosplay extracted from the game, so that mine lined up exactly in size and position as the real thing.

Finally, a whole year and a half since making the costume, I was able to do a photoshoot! I trudged through the Peak District to take some amazing photos with my mother - edited my me!





Patterning bodice

In progress bodice with top stitched seams

Foam armour shapes

Worbla'd armour

Spray painted armour

In progress hair horns

Finished armour


Finished crown

In progress studded bodice

Finished studded bodice


Finished pt 2. The images that got way more popularity on reddit and facebook than my actual finished cosplay. Oh well.