June 9, 2018

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We all have those moments in life when everything you’re attempting to do is crashing down around you, no solution seems to work, and you’re left asking ‘Why is this happening to me?’. I can guarantee you, in Cosplay you’ll find yourself saying this many many times.

Take last week for example - I was at MCM Comic Con, wearing my Wonder Woman cosplay, a costume I’ve been crafting for 8 months non stop, and was finally wearing it. Every care had been taken to make it as accurate and hard wearing as possible. And lo and behold, 5...

January 21, 2018

So you've finished your costume, and you're thinking, "Hell yeah! I'm proud of this and want to show it off!" Well enter from stage right, Competitive Cosplay.

While it may sound daunting when phrased like that, a lot of Cosplay competitions are pretty relaxed, and they're all great fun! If you don't mind getting up on stage in front of lots of people, then I would really recommend it. I personally love competing, and its my main motivation for Cosplaying now! Since I started competing (at pretty much every convention I have attended since the middle of 2014!), I often get questions from...

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